This is an aerial view that was sent to me by the Manager of Geological Services for U.S. Gypsum Company.  If you are visiting my website because you lived in Midland, or have been there, please email me or sign my guestbook.

This view is looking northwest. I don't know how old the photo is, but I think it might be quite early. I don't remember quite so many buildings west of the plants, and I don't see the piles of culled sheetrock south of the plant. Our water came by train. We had no television reception for years. If we needed to make a phone call, we had to walk to town and use a pay phone. Our houses were cooled by "swamp coolers". You could cook an egg on the rocks in summer. It must have been hard on the people who worked in this heat at the plant. But for me, growing up in Midland with the vast desert all around me formed strong memories that I will hold dear always.

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