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I follow the road to my house...

The Journey Back
Leaving the slabs, a row of broken glass sparkles in the sun. Another look at the mountains. When you live where there aren't any you tend to miss them a lot. View full size The road to my house. I come upon a row of slabs. How tiny the houses were! My house was here! The ocotillo cactus is still there and double in size!!
The corner is behind me, looking across the road to the location of my first house. The corner where my house was looking east, note the bush is still there after all these years.. The rocks and lone ocotillo are all that's left of the cacti garden. Looking south from where my house would have been. Of course the other houses would have been there as well. An anthill was beside the electric pole behind our house--in 1960--and still there 45 years later!!!
With my house to my right, I look south, toward the airstrip.

Flashback! My first house, 1955...

...was this tiny!! This is the very foundation! View full size

Flashback! Looking out my back door 1955...

...and standing in the same spot 2005

Standing where my first house was, looking northwest at my second house location.

My itty bitty bathroom and shower!

Flashback! Same spot looking north, 1960. Note bush behind the car...

...the same bush! The corner now has a cool bus stop sign, looking south, 2005. View full size

My house would be behind me to the left. Looking west. View full size

My hill! The one with the "fort" on top. And at the end of my block I find another sign! I turn north and continue my walk "to school". Looking to my right (east) is one of the fields I crossed on my way to school every day. Approaching the school.
Not much left. The foundation to the new kindergarten. What's left of our school, which was built in a "U" shape. View full size The mine road. Once dangerously busy, now lonely. Map of Midland, with house numbers. View full size
The following day, before driving home (and me to the airport), Lyle and Carole stopped so I could take pics of the school in Blythe.  
Sunset, Big Maria Castle Rock.


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