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All Richter violets are vintage, ranging in date from 1954 to 1980. Some were hybridized by Forrest and some by his wife, Alice. Not all of Richter's violets were registered, but they are all named. If you have any violets hybridized by the Richter's, I would love to hear from you!

NEW! List of Richter's violets compiled from AVSA magazines from 1953 - 1973

Those in BLUE are the ones I had (I only have Kaper and Topps now).

After Dark (2117) 11/27/1970 (A. Richter) Double dark purple. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Autumn Sky (2527) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Double purple. Dark green, plain, ovate. Standard

Bloomin' Fool (1473) 10/05/1964 (A. Richter) Double medium blue. Dark green, ovate. Standard

Bluzette (1953) 07/09/1969 (A. Richter) Double blue. Quilted, glossy, fluted. Standard

Bon-bon (843) 12/17/1956 (F. Richter) Double pink. Girl foliage. Semiminiature

Caliph (791) 08/05/1956 (F. Richter) Double dark red. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Calumet Beacon (85) 12/21/1954 (F. Richter) Double blue and white. Round, spooned, heavy. Standard

Charmin (842) 12/17/1956 (F. Richter) Single rose-red/white eye. Pointed, quilted. Standard

Chenille (92) 11/29/1954 (F. Richter) Single dark purple ruffled. Supreme. Standard (I have one tiny leaf so far)

Cherry Ice (795) 08/06/1956 (F. Richter) Single dark magenta-pink/darker eye. Dark green, round. Standard

Colonial Pink (102) 03/23/1955 (F. Richter) Single dark pink. Ovate. Semiminiature

Coralie (2118) 11/27/1970 (A. Richter) Double lavender. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Dusty Rose (709) 11/19/1955 (F. Richter) Single dusty rose-pink. Ovate. Standard

Eyeful (1954) 07/09/1969 (C. Richter) Double bright rose. Medium green, ovate, quilted, glossy/red back. Standard

Fineline (710) 11/19/1955 (F. Richter) Double light orchid/white edge. Dark green, wavy, serrated. Standard

Grenadier (266) 12/21/1954 (F. Richter) Double light red. Round. Semiminiature

Heritage (1193) 12/22/1960 (F. Richter) Double dark purple. Ovate, quilted. Large

Iris (792) 08/05/1956 (F. Richter) Double light blue double. Quilted. Standard

Just So (2528) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Single pink star/darker center. Pointed, quilted. Standard

Lakeland (2119) 11/27/1970 (A. Richter) Semidouble white and blue. Ovate. Standard

Lulu Belle (844) 12/17/1956 (F. Richter) Double blue and white. Girl foliage. Miniature

Madelaine (2120) 11/27/1970 (A. Richter) Double raspberry-pink. Fluted. Standard

Melba (711) 11/19/1955 (F. Richter) Double red-orchid two-tone. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Mister R. (2121) 11/27/1970 (A. Richter) Double red-purple. Ovate, quilted. Standard

New Snow (1955) 07/09/1969 (A. Richter) Double white/green. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Open Face (2529) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Semidouble rose star. Plain, ovate. Standard

Opera Star (2530) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Semidouble pink star. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Philly (1956) 07/09/1969 (A. Richter) Double bright pink. Dark green, ovate, quilted. Small standard

Renee (946) 11/16/1957 (A. Richter) Double medium blue. Plain girl foliage. Standard

Richter's Alabaster (1135) 08/23/1959 (A. Richter) Double white/green tinge. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Audrey (2531) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Semidouble purple/silver edge. Plain. Standard

Richter's Betty (4132) 11/28/1980 (C. Byerly/F. Richter) Semidouble medium pink frilled. Plain. Standard

Richter's Candy Lace (1136) 08/23/1959 (A. Richter) Single white, pink and green/green frilled edge. Ruffled. Standard

Richter's Carmelita (1298) 09/25/1962 (F. Richter) Semidouble raspberry pink/thin white edge. Fluted. Standard

Richter's Charm Song (1137) 08/19/1959 (A. Richter) Double light blue. Ovate. Standard

Richter's Cheerleader (1606) 03/30/1966 (F. Richter) Double dark pink. Round, quilted. Large

Richter's Clearwater (1474) 10/05/1964 (A. Richter) Double light blue. Ovate. Standard

Richter's Confection (1299) 09/25/1962 (F. Richter) Double light pink/green frilled edge. Dark green, ovate, quilted, fluted. Standard

Richter's Cranberry (1719) 09/06/1967 (A. Richter) Double fuchsia-red. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Diamond Lil (1297) 09/25/1962 (F. Richter) Double peach-pink/darker tips. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Dorothy (4136) 11/28/1980 (C. Romanow/F. Richter) Semidouble medium pink. Plain. Standard

Richter's Far Star (4137) 11/28/1980 (C. Romanow/F. Richter) Semidouble medium pink star. Plain. Standard

Richter's First Lady (4134) 11/28/1980 (R. Burback/F. Richter) Double white and pink. Plain. Standard

Richter's Green Dawn (1138) 08/23/1959 (A. Richter) Double pink/green edge. Ruffled. Standard

Richter's Gumdrop (1241) 05/14/1961 (F. Richter) Double pink. Fluted. Standard

Richter's Hara (4133) 11/28/1980 (C. Byerly/F. Richter) Semidouble dark pink frilled. Plain. Standard

Richter's Highland Beau (1414) 11/25/1963 (A. Richter) Double white and red-lavender. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Indiana Doll (1179) 09/01/1960 (F. Richter) Double pink and green. Ovate. Standard

Richter's Irish Crochet (1720) 09/06/1967 (A. Richter) Double pink/green edge. Ovate, quilted, ruffled. Standard

Richter's La Femme (1242) 05/14/1964 (F. Richter) Double dark pink. Ruffled. Standard

Richter's Liberty Lady (4135) 11/28/1980 (R. Burback/F. Richter) Semidouble-double light orchid/violet tips. Plain. Standard

Richter's Mistletoe (1139) 08/23/1959 (A. Richter) Single white frilled. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Nightshade (1240) 05/14/1961 (F. Richter) Double dark blue. Ovate. Standard

Richter's Pearly Shells (1607) 03/30/1966 (F. Richter) Double medium pink. Ovate, quilted. Large

Richter's Pretty Proud (1608) 03/30/1966 (F. Richter) Double medium pink/darker edge. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Quiet Waters (1721) 09/06/1967 (A. Richter) Double blue. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Richter's Rebel (1296) 09/25/1962 (F. Richter) Double dark purple. Dark green, quilted. Standard

Richter's Red Crown (1180) 09/01/1960 (F. Richter) Double red. Ovate, cupped, quilted. Standard

Richter's Snowberry (1722) 09/06/1967 (A. Richter) Semidouble blue and white. Round, quilted. Standard

Richter's Stained Glass (1181) 09/01/1960 (F. Richter) Single white and red frilled. Ovate, quilted, fluted. Standard

Richter's Step Up (2458) 05/23/1973 (F. Richter) Semidouble dark blue. Ovate. Standard

Richter's Wedgewood (1140) 08/23/1959 (A. Richter) Double light blue. Dark green, fluted. Standard

Richter's Whipped Cream (1415) 11/25/1963 (A. Richter) Double white/green tinge. Ovate, glossy, fluted. Standard

Ripe Plum (2532) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Semidouble plum. Plain, quilted, glossy. Standard

Sea Gull (2533) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Double white/some lavender shading and green tinge. Light green, plain, pointed. Standard

Sherbert (2534) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Double lavender two-tone/variable white. Light green, plain. Standard

Softique (1957) 07/09/1969 (A. Richter) Double pale pink. Ovate, quilted, fluted. Standard

Sondra (2535) 03/27/1974 (M. Steele/F. Richter) Double light pink/darker edge. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Spindrift (793) 08/05/1956 (F. Richter) Single dark pink. Ovate, quilted. Standard

Splash (712) 11/19/1955 (F. Richter) Single lavender and blue. Ovate. Standard

Taj Mahal (614) 12/21/1954 (F. Richter) Single lavender-pink/white edge. Medium green, pointed. Miniature

Tiana (947) 11/16/1957 (A. Richter) Double red-orchid. Girl foliage. Standard

Torchy (948) 11/16/1957 (A. Richter) Single dark cerise. Dark green. Standard

Valor (794) 08/05/1956 (F. Richter) Single purple. Spooned, glossy. Standard

Vanity Fair (949) 11/16/1957 (A. Richter) Single pink frilled. Standard

Veribest (653) 11/29/1954 (F. Richter) Single dark blue. Quilted. Standard

Zalina (Richter) Pink-rose shaded/darker edge. Dark green, scalloped, girl foliage. Small standard

Unregistered Varieties I have

Bambino (Richter) Double powder blue Plain Semiminiature

Kaper (Richter) Double rose/ruffled white edge. Light green, serrated, wavy. Small standard (bought from greenhouse)

Tipt (F. Richter) Single large lavender/purple tips. Standard

Topps (Richter) Double medium-light violet blue. Dark green, serrated, pointed. Standard (bought from greenhouse)

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