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Welcome to my African Violet website. I was a hobby grower and collector of the Optimara Little Jewels, species and vintage violets for many years. I have been growing violets since the late 1970's, although most of my plants were recent additions.  I was activly looking for violets hybridized by Forrest and Alice Richter, and my quest brought me in touch with many collectors who are striving to preserve vintage violets. To all of you who contributed to my collection, I thank you! My life has taken exciting new directions and I was concerned my violets would suffer greatly from neglect, so I found new homes for all but a very few. Thank you to everyone who became "violet mommies" to my plants.

Happy HaroldVintage violets are special because they have been around for a long time. Some of them are rare, and many have been lost forever. See my UPDATED Vintage Violets page to learn more about the violets I am collecting. For a list of the violets hybridized by the Richter's, click here.
Some people say all the species violets look the same, but if you look closer you will see a great amount of diversity. Although it's true that many have single blue blooms, there are a few with deep purple or even nearly white flowers. Species grow in a variety of sizes and types. See my species page to learn more about wild African Violets.S. pendula var. Kizarae
                             Have you seen this violet?
I am looking for a true blooming Optimara Violet Sapphire. Although I may not have a true representation of the color, this is the flower shape I'm looking for. It is a star, with long, narrow petals, and a cluster of yellow pollen anthers in the center. Have you seen one? ---------------------->>


Optimara Violet Sapphire
Optimara Little FluoriteThe Optimara Little Jewels are a series of miniature violets hybridized by Holtkamp between 1988 and 1993. It has been a challenge to find some of them. See my list of Jewels and other miniatures and semiminiature violets here.

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All pictures and artwork belong to Candy and were created with Xara Xtreme


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