List of Richter's Violets compiled from AVSA magazines
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1970 - 1973


 BOUTIQUE---extra double blooms, pale powder blue, with small neat tailored foliage. Medium sized
 plant with extremely large blooms. (January 1970 magazine)

 BUTTERMILK---clusters of creamy
white double blooms with dark slightly fluted foliage, red-backed.
 (January 1970 magazine)

 CORALIE---beautiful large lavender double, bloom
in profusion on good strong stems. Usually two
 blooming stems
to a leaf. Tailored foliage. (January 1970 magazine)

DAIRY MAID---white star shaped semi-double, with touch of lavender in center. Light green tailored
 foliage. Clusters of bloom on strong stems. (January 1970 magazine)


HI FI---intense fuchsia-red star, a little different in color. Yellow multi-stamens in center add to attractiveness. Flowers are held high above good tailored foliage. (January 1970 magazine)


IN STYLE---beautiful pink semi-double with white edge. Blossoms grow in clusters on strong stems, and are extra long lasting. Tailored foliage. (January 1970 magazine)


LAKELAND---fluffy white semi double with blue markings, like a summer sky with fluffy clouds. Tailored foliage. Very pretty. (January 1970 magazine)


MEMORIES---remember a huge rich purple single-then picture improved size, intense yellow stamens in center and good tailored foliage. A beauty! (January 1970 magazine)


MADELAINE---rosy pink double produced in good clusters. Graceful slightly fluted foliage. Very attractive. (January 1970 magazine)


MILWAUKEE---deep lavender semi double with white edge. Dark green tailored foliage. Very dependable bloomer, and blooms are long lasting. (January 1970 magazine)


MINI SKIRT---extra double, extra large powder blue blossoms with small neat foliage-all on an extra small growing plant Cute as a mini skirt! (January 1970 magazine)


MR. R---huge deep reddish-purple blooms, very symmetrical tailored foliage. Will make a superb show plant. (January 1970 magazine)


PUFF BALL---very large pure white double blossom, light green tailored foliage. Medium sized plant, one you will want on sight. (January 1970 magazine)

SHIPSHAPE---bright rosy fuchsia double with white edge. Flowers last and last. Tailored foliage, medium sized plant. (January 1970 magazine)


SPINNER---bright reddish-lavender single with sparkling white edge. Extra large blooms in profusion on strong stems. Deep green tailored foliage. (January 1970 magazine)


ASTRID---rosy double, with dark modified. girl foliage. Does not bunch. Very pretty. (Jan 1971 mag)


CANDLEWICK---extra large pink double, beautiful dark quilted foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


CARLA---lovely clear pink double bloom, pretty slightly quilted dark foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


COOL SHADOWS---fluffy bright blue double with tailored foliage. Very large blooms. (January 1971 magazine)


DANCER---graceful double lavender blooms with darker edges. Excellent size flowers which stand up well above medium green tailored foliage. Very outstanding. (January 1971 magazine)


DAY'S END---medium blue frilly double bloom with green edge. Very pretty wavy foliage. (Jan 1971)


DELLA---fluffy pink semi-double, with occasional white markings. Varies somewhat, but very lovely. Medium green foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


DUET---bright blue double with good white edge. Very pretty dark tailored foliage. Extra large blooms. Outstanding. (January 1971 magazine)


MAY QUEEN---large smoky rose double with darker edges on some petals. Slightly wavy foliage. Very pretty. (January 1971 magazine)


MELANIE---bright fuchsia-red double with good white edge. Symmetrical tailored foliage. (Jan 1971)


PLATINUM---platinum white double, medium green tailored. foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


PRESTO---fluffy raspberry pink semi-dbl. Dark foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


RAMONA---beautiful pink dbl. bloom, tailored quilted foliage. (January 1971 magazine)


SLEIGH RIDE---clusters of silvery white dbl. blooms on strong stems. Frilly foliage. (Jan 1971 mag)

 TIPT---extra large lavender single. Top petals darker. two bottom petals elongated with purple tips.
 Tailored foliage. Very striking. (January 1971 magazine)

 ALL BLUE---medium blue fluted
semi double showing bright yellow stamens. Blooms stand well above
 bright green tailored foliage. (March 1972 magazine)

 AMAZEMENT---medium blue double. Flower petals have white backing which curls to show white
 edge. Lots of bloom. Tailored foliage. (March 1972 magazine)

 ARTISTIC---crested smoky rose
semi double with darker markings. Very dark tailored foliage. (March
 1972 magazine)

 EMBLEM---clusters of pink double blooms on slightly spooned foliage. (March 1972 magazine)

 FAR STAR---large crested pink star bloom, with excellent dark tailored foliage. (March 1972 mag)

 GRETCHEN---mauve double with raspberry tips on top petals. Dark tailored foliage. (Mar 1972 mag)

 ICE CUBE---white
semi double with some pink shading. Heavy bloomer. Light green tailored foliage.
 (March 1972 magazine)

 LIBERTY LADY---huge pale orchid
semi double with deep violet tips on top petals. Vivid yellow

stamens. Tailored foliage. (March 1972 magazine)


LIZBET---clusters of bright double blossoms. with strong dark quilted foliage. Very heavy bloomer. (March 1972 magazine)


MANHATTAN---large white double with some pink shading. Excellent bright green tailored foliage. (March 1972 magazine)


NIGHT LIFE---deep. dark blue double. showing bright yellow stamens. Excellent symmetrical round quilted foliage. (March 1972 magazine)


PHANTOM STAR---huge pink star with radiating lines through blossom. Tailored foliage. (Mar 1972)


STEP UP---bright blue fluted semi-double with vivid yellow stamens. Blooms are held well above neat tailored foliage. Super! (March 1972 magazine)


SURFER---dainty frilly white double with bright green frilly foliage. (March 1972 magazine)


UPTOWN---brilliant pink double, with very dark, red-backed foliage. Extra heavy bloomer. (Mar 1972)


AUTUMN SKY---bright blue semi-double. Tailored foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


FIRST LADY---beautiful white double with delicate pink center. Good clusters of bloom on strong stems. Excellent glossy tailored foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


JUST SO---peachy pink single with darker eye. Dark tailored foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


OLEANDER---clusters of deep pink double blossoms form a crown of bloom. Dark tailored foliage. Very pretty. (January 1973 magazine)


OPEN FACE---clear bright pink crested blossom. with dark. rounded strawberry type foliage. Very large blooms. (January 1973 magazine)


OPERA STAR---large ruffled pink star with deeper pink shading. Dark tailored foliage. (Jan 1973 mag)


RIPE PLUM---bright plum double. darker tips on petals. Tailored medium green foliage. (Jan 1973 mag)


SEA GULL---excellent double white with orchid overlay. Clusters of large flowers on strong sterns. Medium green tailored foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


SHERBET---fluffy white semi-double with pronounced raspberry markings. Varies somewhat, but very striking. Slightly pointed tailored foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


SONORA---peach pink double. very large and pretty. Tailored medium green foliage. (Jan 1973 mag)


WHITE BIRCH---extra large white double blooms held proudly high. Occasionally blossoms have some orchid shading. Slightly pointed medium green foliage. (January 1973 magazine)


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Thank you Karen Hassell for your tireless work in compiling this valuable list.

Note--Karen is looking for the old DuPont's and supremes, especially Tinari's America (621) 01/17/1950 (F. Tinari) Single light blue ruffled. Round. Large

If you or someone you know is growing one of these very early violets, please Contact me and I will put you in touch with Karen.