List of Richter's Violets compiled from AVSA magazines
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1965 - 1969


BLACKFOOT---frilled purple double, slightly fluted foliage. Big, dark and handsome! (Mar 1965 mag)


DEVIL'S GOLD---deep wine-red frilly double, tipped with bright golden edges. Fluted foliage is dark and glossy, with deep red reverse. Very striking. (March 1965 magazine)


FINERY---glowing, vibrant plum red, with heavily frilled edge and prominent yellow stamens. Foliage is dark, glossy and fluted. (March 1965 magazine)


KNOCKOUT---frilly blue-purple double. Large blossoms, and plenty of them. (March 1965 magazine)


PEARLY SHELLS---beautiful full double pink, with a luminous quality in the bloom. Symmetrical tailored foliage. Will make an excellent show plant. (March 1965 magazine)


SMILES---clusters of huge pink single blooms on strong stems seem to smile above the tailored foliage. (March 1965 magazine)


SNAPPY---rich mauve-lavender single with a white halo edge. Huge blooms, tailored foliage. (March 1965 magazine)


BAMBINO---the "bloomiest" one of all! Lots of powder blue double blossoms on a small-growing plant. Semi-miniature. Bambino is small enough to fit on a windowsill or anywhere, but big enough to be very showy. Blooms when it is real young, and never stops blooming. (June 1965 magazine)


SAROYA---extra dark tailored foliage, lovely pink: blossoms. (September 1965 magazine)


CHEER LEADER---clusters of huge double pink blossoms held high on strong sterns. Excellent dark tailored foliage which makes a perfect wheel of leaves. (March 1966 magazine)


CRANBERRY---not quite red, but such a bright color. Crested blossom, with beautiful dark wavy foliage. Outstanding! (March 1966 magazine)


IRISH CROCHET---brilliant green frilly edges on a bright pink double blossom. Olive-green slightly wavy foliage. Sensational! (March 1966 magazine)


LUCILLE---large ivory-pink single bloom, with excellent substance. Bloom stays on very well. Dark tailored foliage. (March 1966 magazine)


PRETTY PROUD---big, fluffy pink double, produced in clusters. Pretty foliage, very symmetrical. We are "pretty proud" of this one. (March 1966magazine)


QUITA GAL---raspberry-pink fully double rosette blooms on girl foliage. Big bright flowers, and lots of them. (March 1966 magazine)


WILD GRAPE---deep dark purple double, with some green edging. Huge blooms, pretty bright green wavy foliage. (March 1966 magazine)


ZALINA---very pretty pink double with tawny overtones. Dark modified girl foliage. Clusters of bloom, always covered with flowers. (March 1966 magazine)


BARETTE---pale pink semi-dbL with darker touches on petal edge, dark elongated foliage. (March 1967)


BLISSFUL---double-double pink, pretty bright green foliage. (March 1967 magazine)


BOSTONIAN---elegant olive-green strap foliage, slightly rippled to show the dark red reverse. Frilled deep lilac double bloom, Different and distinctive. (March 1967 magazine)


CANDACE---beautiful pastel pink double bloom on extra dark tailored foliage. Very symmetrical growth. (March 1967 magazine)


FLOSSMOOR---very frilly bright lavender double on slightly rippled bright green foliage. Extra heavy bloomer. (March 1967 magazine)


GUARDSMAN---dark blue double, very dark foliage. Symmetrical growth. Always loaded with blooms. (March 1967 magazine)


HUNTSMAN---deep blue semi-double. On stiff, erect stems. Lots of bloom. Good foliage.(Mar1967)


JAY BIRD---bright blue double, dark slightly rippled foliage. Saucy as a jay bird. (Mar 1967 magazine)


LIT UP---ever closer to true red! This one is really bright. Wavy foliage is a bright lively green, and the semi-double frilly blooms are held up on good strong stems. (March 1967 magazine)


MARA---light blue frilled double, dark frilly foliage. (March 1967 magazine)


PIPER---bright purple crested bloom, with prominent yellow pollen sacs. (March 1967 magazine)


SNOWBERRY---white star diffused with blue markings, and crested enough that the blossoms will stay on and on. Bright yellow double pollen sacs add to the appeal of the extra large blooms. Tailored foliage. (March 1967 magazine)


STAGE STAR---large white star bordered and marked with bright blue. Such a pretty one! (Mar 1967)


STAR TREK---fuchsia star bordered with white. Lustrous dark foliage. (March 1967 magazine)


AJAX---bright raspberry double on strong stems held well above tapered tailored foliage. An excellent commercial variety. (January 1968 magazine)


ALL BRIGHT---fuchsia-red double, pretty fluted foliage. Bright and pretty. (January 1968 magazine)


ANGORA---pastel pink single with fluffy frilled edge. Beautiful dark frilled foliage. (Jan1968 magazine)


CHILD BRIDE---clusters of white double blossoms on a compact small growing plant (Jan1968 mag)


COOKIE JAR---pink double blossoms, dark fluted foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


DEE LISH---cloud of fluffy double white blossoms, faintly tinged with pink. Tapered tailored foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


FOAMY---beautiful white single, heavily frilled edge tinged with green. Pretty bright green frilled foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


GATEWAY---light blue double with lighter edge. Dark frilled foliage. Always loaded with bloom. (January 1968 magazine)


HALF T1ME---deep lavender and white double, sometimes half and half. Tailored foliage. (Jan 1968)


HIGH HEELS---beautiful shaded pink double bloom, dark notched foliage. Grows very symmetrically and always loaded with bloom. (January 1968 magazine)


NIKI---stunning shaded lavender star with white edge. Olive-green tailored foliage. (January 1968 mag)


OP ART---striking combination of white and fuchsia-red. Fluffy full double bloom, lovely bright green frilled foliage. Very pretty. (January 1968 magazine)


RIM LIGHT---deep dark purple star with frilled rim of gold. Dark foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


ROBLEE---clusters of deep blue double blossoms, compact fluted foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


ULTRA---fuchsia-red double bloom streaked with white. Different and lovely. Dark slightly fluted foliage. (January 1968 magazine)


AFTER DARK---stunning deep velvety purple semi double, showing bright yellow stamens in center. Huge blossom, tailored foliage. Absolutely gorgeous for show plant (January 1969 magazine)


BLUZETTE---frilly medium blue double, frilly foliage. A beauty! (January 1969 magazine)


EVELETH---pretty double pink frilly blooms, lovely girl foliage with does not bunch. (Jan 1969)


EYEFUL---huge brilliant rose-pink double, standing well above tailored foliage. Outstanding color. Outstanding performance. (January 1969 magazine)


GO LIGHT---velvety purple semi-double with sharply contrasting white edge. Symmetrical soft tailored foliage. (January 1969 magazine)


IN STYLE---vivid rose double. Neat tailored foliage. (January 1969 magazine)


JINGLE BELLS---brilliant raspberry rose frilly dbl. Brilliant green slightly rippled foliage. (Jan 1969)


KIKI---rosy lavender frilly double, olive green slightly fluted foliage. A little different in color, and very
attractive. (January 1969 magazine)

LONE STAR---big beautiful star blossom, raspberry with sparkling white edge-or sometimes white
with raspberry markings. Unpredictable, but very attractive. Blossom stays on very well. (January 1969 mag)

MAYA---soft lavender with fantasy markings. Beautiful olive green leaves. (January 1969 magazine)

NEW SNOW---huge fully double white
with green tinge. Excellent substance to the blossom. Tailored
foliage. (January 1969 magazine)

PHILLY---aristocratic rose pink semi-double. Tailored foliage. (January 1969 magazine)

SOFTIQUE---beautiful baby pink fluffy double, lovely delicate green foliage. Always
in bloom.
Outstanding! (January 1969 magazine)

STAND OUT---extra good full pink double, tipped with sugary white. Tailored foliage. Stands out in
appearance, stands out
in performance. (January 1969 magazine)

TOP FLIGHT---huge blue double, tailored foliage. Big and beautiful. (January 1969 magazine)


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