List of Richter's Violets compiled from AVSA magazines
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1960 - 1964

DAPPER DANDY---med. blue db!. Dark tailored foliage. Clusters of long lasting blooms. (March 1960)


INDIANA DOLL---fluffy, carnation-type blooms in a lovely shade of pink. Excellent slightly waved foliage. Attractive plant with clusters of long-lasting blossoms. Makes an excellent show plant. (Sept 1960)


RED CROWN---dark: wine-red rosettes form a crown of bloom on bright waxy green plain foliage. A worthy addition to this color class. (September 1960 magazine)


STAINED GLASS---extremely dark leaves, deep red--reverse, forming a beautiful background for the frilly white blossoms, each one streaked with brilliant red. (September 1960 magazine)


HERITAGE---big, double, dark deep purple, very prolific. (March 1961 magazine)


ALADDIN---clusters of dbl. lavender blooms, tailored foliage. Always loaded with blooms. (March 1961)


CHIMES---raspberry-pink blooms with deeper center. Semi-double, with tailored foliage. (Mar 1961)


GUMDROP---sparkling frilly pink double, with lovely dark slightly wavy foliage. (March 1961 magazine)


LA FEMME---deep rose-pink semi-double, with beautiful dark: glossy foliage. (March 1961 magazine)


NIGHT SHADE---dark blue-purple db!. Clusters of lovely dark blooms. Tailored foliage. (Mar 1961)


PARAGON---lively lavender semi-double, bright light green foliage. (March 1961 magazine)


PAREE---fluted single pink, very prolific. Attractive dark foliage. (March 1961 magazine)


ROXIE---frilly pastel pink double, beautifully contrasted with dark foliage. (March 1961 magazine)


OLD STYLE---old style purple single, but brought up to date in performance. Huge purple blooms, tailored foliage. (June 1961 magazine)


INDIANA WALTZ---large frosty pink single, delicately edged with deeper pink. Plain foliage, excellent bloomer. (September 1961 magazine)


BOLD ONE---bright wine-red double blooms held high above tailored foliage. (June 1962 magazine)


COED---clear light pink double, with good clusters of bloom on strong stems. Quilted foliage. (June 1962 magazine)


DELILAH---vivid raspberry semi-double fringed bloom, beautiful frilled foliage with red-reverse. (June 1962 magazine)


FANCEE---raspberry fringed single, shaded deeper toward edges. Blossoms are held on strong stems well above handsome quilted foliage. Very pretty. (June 1962 magazine)


LILI---creamy pink db1. Strong tailored foliage. Dependable performer, always in bloom. (June 1962)


PRISM---fringed fantasy type double, with streaks and splashes of color. Glossy dark frilled foliage, reverse. Outstanding! (June 1962 magazine)


REBEL---deep purple double of excellent size and substance. Dark: quilted foliage, which shapes up beautifully. (June 1962 magazine)


SEA CHANTEY---exceptionally bright blue fringed db1. Slightly frilled foliage. Excellent. (June 1962)


TINA---huge pink full double. Supreme foliage. (June 1962 magazine)


CONFECTION---pale pastel pink double, with frilly tips of pale chartreuse. Foliage is very dark and glossy, making a striking contrast to the pastel pink blooms. (September 1962 magazine)


FRINGED WEDGEWOOD---a delightful variation of the ever-popular Wedgewood. Blue blossoms with frilled edge. The distinctive dark foliage is heavily frilled. Sport from Wedgewood. (September 1962 mag)


CARMELITA---glowing exciting color! Semi-double blossoms in a vivid fuchsia shade, with a suggestion of a white edge. Fluted olive-green foliage with deep red-reverse. (December 1962 magazine)


NOAH---a big one! Big double blue frilled blossoms, excellent foliage which will shape up to a big show plant. (December 1962 magazine)


DEAR ONE---brilliant rose-pink frilled db!. Bright green frilly foliage. Strikingly attractive. (Dec 1962)


SENORITA---(December 1962 magazine ad)


POLKA TIME---(December 1962 magazine ad)


SPRING RAIN---(December 1962 magazine ad)


SONGSTER---(December 1962 magazine ad)


DIAMOND LIL---(December 1962 magazine ad)


FIRESPRITE---bright color coupled with window sill size. Plain, dark green foliage topped by a great many cerise double blooms. (June 1963 magazine)


DAISY MAE---{June 1963 magazine ad)


AMY---beautiful blue single, heavily fringed with green. Graceful fluted foliage. (June 1964 magazine)


CLEARWATER---clear blue double, tailored foliage. Large clusters of flowers. Blooms early and continuously. (June 1964 magazine)


HIGHLAND BEAU---beautiful variegated double blossoms, deep wine-red and white. Large clusters of long-lasting flowers on strong stems. Excellent symmetrical foliage. (June 1964 magazine)


SHELEEN---pretty blue double. Interesting foliage, with an edge which looks as though cut with pinking shears. (June 1964 magazine)


WHIPPED CREAM---huge double white blossoms, heaped high on lovely slightly fluted foliage. Registered (June 1964 magazine)


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