List of Richter's Violets compiled from AVSA magazines
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1957 - 1959

CHERRY ICE---a fabulous new color in African violets-it is not a pink, not quite a red, but a vibrant, exciting new color----just the shade of frosty cherry ice. (March 1957 magazine)


CHARMIN---deep, deep pink, shaded to lilac, with distinct white eye. (September 1957 magazine)


WHITE GLOW---very free-blooming white single, with just a touch of pink in the eye. The first of our own white introductions. (September 1957 magazine)


SKYLINE---sky-blue with a white outline, pretty girl foliage. Small growing plant. (Sept 1957 magazine)

VELVET MISS---Velvety wine-red petals, tipped with a deeper color. Lush and lovely. (Sept 1957 mag)


BON-BON---Semi-miniature. Lovely girl foliage with clusters of dainty double pink: blooms. (Sept 1957)


TORCHY---bold, brilliant red-pink, a must for collectors and hybridizers. Medium-sized bloom, but we believe it is a real "break" towards that elusive red. (March 1958 magazine)


HER GRACE---deep rose-pink: full double held high above regal girl foliage. (March 1958 magazine)


RENEE---medium blue double, very profuse bloom, lovely open girl foliage. (March 1958 magazine)


TIANA---red-orchid double, beautiful girl foliage. (March 1958 magazine)


VIV---another of the red-pink series, brilliant and beautiful. Plain foliage. (March 1958 magazine)


GREAT DAY---full double, large, hot pink: with darker eye. Dark green, dull pointed boy foliage on light pinkish petioles. Large leaves and will be a huge grower. Good substance. Excellent. (June 1958)


MELO---large, bright pink single. Nice size, dark green, rounded boy foliage with slight quilting. (June 1958 magazine)

ALABASTER---nice full double white showing lots of chartreuse. Rounded, medium green, slick boy foliage on pale petioles. (June 1958 magazine)


YULANDA---a nice pink similar to Melo. (June 1958 magazine)


KATHY PURPLE----nice size, full double purple Geneva. Slightly waved, pointed, slick medium-green foliage. (June 1958 magazine)


LUNA----a good double white girl with good growing habit. (June 1958 magazine)


DAPHNE---similar to Yulanda. (June 1958 magazine)


CRINOLINE---heavily fringed, deep pink bloom. Glossy foliage, very dark, with deep red reverse. The foliage is interestingly wavy, and the plant will grow in a nice symmetrical shape. (Sept 1958 mag)


WEDGEWOOD---luscious light blue db!. Excellent black-green foliage. Stunning (March 1959 mag)


BLAZE---frilled red-pink, frilly foliage. Brilliant color. (March 1959 magazine)


LUCKY STREAK---frilled blossoms, splashed, streaked and spotted-no two blooms alike. Beautiful dark, frilly foliage. (March 1959 magazine)


TEA ROSE---something a little different! Buds shaped like rosebuds, opening into a fully double rose shaped bloom. Vibrant pink, lively tailored foliage. (March 1959 magazine)


FIFI---the largest of the frilled pink blooms. Soft, clear color, beautiful foliage. (March 1959 magazine)


WINTER KING---huge pure white single, with no hint of color in the bloom. Big blooms, and lots of them. (March 1959 magazine)


WITCHCRAFT---lavender dbi. Splashes of deeper color through the bloom. Tailored foliage. (Mar 1959)


SUNDAY MORN---fully double pink, always loaded with big blooms. (March 1959 magazine)


TRUE BLUE---big, very waved, smooth edge modem foliage. Big med. blue round blooms. (June 1959)


MISTLETOE---deep green, slightly waved foliage. Nice white single in great number. (June 1959 mag)


SKY SONG---(June 1959 magazine ad)


JOLLY JOKER---mottled blue and white round, single blooms. Modified medium green girl foliage with good substance but not very large. (June 1959 magazine)


BAZAAR---very waved, med. green girl foliage with a slight scoop with a green-white throat. Nice size, perky, full db!. medium-blue with waved petal edges. Lots of pollen sacs showing. Very nice. (June 1959)


SNOW DROP---similar to Alabaster and very good. (June 1959 magazine)


TALISMAN---soft, peachy-pink, and simply huge single blooms. Dark tailored foliage. A real beauty. (June 1959 magazine)  


CANDY LACE---dainty white and pink single, with frilly green edge. Frilly light green foliage. Different and interesting. (September 1959 magazine)


FEATHERTOP---frilly, fluffy pink double. Beautiful deep green foliage with red reverse. (Sept 1959)


CHARM SONG---sky blue double, good tailored foliage. (September 1959 magazine)


GREEN DAWN---deep peachy-pink double with a very frilly edge of green. The foliage is also frilly and glossy, with a red reverse. The plant grows fast, into a pretty symmetrical shape. (September 1959 mag)


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