List of Richter's Violets compiled from AVSA magazines
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1953 - 1956

EL CAPITAN---huge blooms, heavy foliage, a giant among African violets (June 1953 magazine)


CALUMET QUEEN---(June 1954 magazine)


CURLY TOP---(June 1954 magazine)


TOKAY---(June 1954 magazine)


PINK LAD---(June 1954 magazine)


CALUMET ROSE---(June 1954 magazine)


RICHTER'S VERIBEST---large clear blue blossom, with a deep, dark blue eye. Lovely foliage with nice dark reverse. Easy to groom into a large symmetrical show plant. (December 1954 magazine)


TAJ MAHAL---lavender-pink blooms with a sparkling white edge. Top petals incurved. Different and distinctive. Always in bloom. (December 1954 magazine)


GRENADIER---all the good features of a duPont, but on a plant of compact growth to fit the average window sill. Large, fully double red flowers, nice heavy foliage. (December 1954 magazine)


CALUMET BEACON---large variegated blue and white double bloom on a nice symmetrical plant with round spooned leaves. Easy to groom into a stunning show plant. (March 1955 magazine)


COLONIAL PINK---deep pink single, with clusters of from six to ten large blooms per stem, held well above the dark green velvety foliage. We are proud to introduce this first in a series of new pink African Violets ,the results of extensive hybridizing over a period of several years.(June 1955magazine)


DUSTY ROSE---the latest release in our series of pink hybrids. This is a pink with a "different' look.

Deep rose pink with a deeper eye, and a slight overlay of duskiness. A real beauty. (March 1956 magazine)


FINELINE---lavender semi-double, with a fine white edge. The light blooms form a good contrast to the very dark foliage, which is fairly small, with neat notched edges. A medium sized plant to :fit well on the windowsill. (March 1956 magazine)


DARK CLOUD---full, fluffy dbl. in a beautiful deep purple shade, enhanced by prominent yellow stamens. Bright green foliage. Plants start blooming when very young, and are always in flower. (Mar 1956)


SPLASH---deep rosy-lavender, with splashes of blue, large, rounded bloom. Handsome deep green foliage, with deep red reverse. (June 1956 magazine)


VALOR---huge blooms, deep, dark purple, with bright green foliage, slick and slightly spooned. (September 1956 magazine)


CALIPH---large red double, a bouquet of bloom. (September 1956 magazine)


IRIS---clear, light blue crested bloom, on compact dark foliage. Outstanding "true-blue" color. (September 1956 magazine).


SPINDRIFT---deep pink. (September 1956 magazine)


BLUEFOAM---(September 1956 magazine)



1953 - 1956 ~:~ 1957 - 1959 ~:~ 1960 - 1964 ~:~ 1965 - 1969 ~:~ 1970 - 1973